About me

I was born in 1985 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in a middle class family. I’m an immigrant’s son and work culture, my father escaped with his family from the poverty and political persecution of the 50’s in Spain and my mother with his italian ascendance who has inherited her values of struggle and effort to reach where do you want.

I discovered the passion for observation as a child, when I met in the nature a different way to engage with reality, objects and sensations that mark me forever the unconscious and the way to understand the world.

Formed as graphic designer, where I found photography as a way of expression, I keep my interest in learning by my own means all kind of photographic techniques and continue to experiment on different styles to find what represents me.

I currently reside and work in Barcelona where I seek to redefine myself as a photographer, in a way influenced by art, design and visual communication.

» For work assignments in Europe or Argentina, please write me.